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The weather is saying YES and all the artists involved are saying YES and our fabulous Hosts are saying YES. So Howl at the Moon is a go this Saturday night.

Tickets will be available at the door but there is no guarantee there will be room. Ticket sales are brisk this week.

Click here for tickets, here for clear event details and here to see the artist lineup: 3 bands & 2 author readings.

Saturday June 11th. 7-10 pm. Backyard. East Vancouver.
Secret location revealed when you purchase tickets.


Blue Dirt Girl’s REWIND post this week was, We love you Tom, one of 14 singles on her first album Crazy Beautiful (2016)

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Kathryn was recalling listening to Tom Waits, Black Rider, album on repeat after seeing November Theatres brilliant, Black Rider, play at the Push Performance Arts Festival (2008.)

In the studio, with Simon Kendall and Jason Overy, during percussion and drum tracking Kathryn¬† learned that Congo is a country and Conga is a drum. Take a minute and listen to J’s unbelievable artistry on hand percussion and kit.

Blue Dirt Girl’s infamous Choir of F#?* Angels or Mangy Angels or Manly Angels appeared during the Hammond Ave Studio album recording sessions.
Simon Kendall, recording engineer/vintage keyboard/grand piano/singing artist and Albert Klassen, stand up/electric bass, mandolin (on Big Open Sky track) and backup singer were COFA. Blue Dirt Girl’s Kathryn Sutherland was giddy while “running the board” during all the guys harmony takes.
Albert is a master of so many instruments so consider taking time to listen to WLYT and the other 13 tracks on Crazy Beautiful.


Keep in touch for BDG upcoming REWIND posts.


All Blue Dirt Girl’s extensive music catalogue can be listened to here, or purchased via Bandcamp , Apple Music, Tidal etc or streamed on your favourite platform.
sketch by L.A. based artist Brian Mallman.
Brian also created the yearly Play Music on the Porch Day . A worldwide event which inspired my Play on the Porch BDG productions.

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