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So Vancouver is finally getting some rain. Fortunate and necessary. Now our Plugged In Porch Series and Fundraiser has moved to AUGUST 14th.

Same time-  4-7:30
Same place- 1254 East 23rd Ave
Same non profit to support- Indian Residential School Survivors
Still IN PERSON or streaming on IG Live
Still free.
Musicians, donated skills/gear and Auction teaser here.

Blue Dirt Girl
 2nd Floor Gastown show is a GO.

Air conditioned venue
300 Water St. Vancouver BC
Top floor of Water Street Cafe
Tickets purchased in advance here.
$12 per person.

So excited to have Max Evans sitting in on lead guitar with Kathryn on lead vocals/reverend guitar/effects pedals and Albert Klassen on stand up/electric bass.

Blue Dirt Girl Trio and Max(who mentored with BDG 2019)
worked together and developed Kathryn’s new modern soul sound ideas.
“Like Stevie Wonder has taken Jim Morrison’s place in The Doors…then an unexpected turn into a more psychedelic 60s, akin to Jefferson Airplane, Marianne Faithfull and maybe even The Velvet Underground.” Charles Connolly review. Full review + more here.

Purchase Water St.’s  award winning food and/or have a drink.

Many thanks Blake Evans, Vancouver based artist, archaeologist & anthropologist,  for spinning vinyl from 6-7 pm, prior to our 2 sets, and at our breaks.

current covid protocols in place at both shows.

Tomorrow Friday August 6th is Bandcamp Friday.
Purchase/download my “Nothing is as it was” EP here for yourself or send as gift to a friend. I get 93% of my sales. Bandcamp perk on specific Fridays.

“because i said i would”

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"because i said i would"