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blue dirt girl albert mandolin tracking on big open sky '16

Big Open Sky, written by Kathryn Sutherland, is about a girl split in 2 between where she is and where she would like to be. An ode to Saskatchewan plain and simple.

Kathryn was searching for a way to sonically replicate both an old iphone recording of snow geese on a snowy May day and the brilliant sounds and sights of prairie thunder storms.
Albert, Simon and Jason took these ideas and gracefully, delicately created and played the music.

Kathryn on lead vocals, Simon on guitar and keys, another late night session by himself with beautiful results, Albert on his beautiful handmade mandolin, Jason on bull roar, cymbals and drums.

“because i said i would”

Image by Greg Corrigan @whiterainredsand

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"because i said i would"