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        Blue Dirt Girl is modern soul.
The band’s latest release is a 15 original song album ‘No street signs No straight lines’
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     Lyric videos ~ ‘5 Miles Out’ and ‘Speculate’

With a sound that’s oddly timeless, both down home and ethereal, and occasionally profound, Blue Dirt Girl continue to refine and expand their approach to ‘modern soul’ in No Street Signs No Straight Lines.

LA based Round MagazineJason Blalock

"5 Miles Out '' got stuck in my head,..The last song to do that to me was from a couple or three years ago, maybe more. "5 Miles Out" feels like it's smarter older sister.

Michael TurnerVancouver based writer of fiction, criticism and song. Hard Core Logo (19193)

The band is in command of their craft. Singer, Kathryn Sutherland, is a stunningly lovely singer and songwriter. Along with the fabulous bass player (Albert) and a new addition, a sax player, who was so intuitive with her playing!

Mona & Eric ~ Side Door Show review

No Street Signs puts its strongest asset up front from the start: Sutherland’s gorgeous voice. It’s strong and nuanced and, like the band’s sound, doesn’t want to fit into a single style. One moment she reminds of classic Dolly Parton, in another she recalls the energetic cries of Grace Slick.

LA based Round MagazineJason Blalock

SUNSET DADDY is a journey a philosophical conversation between the guitar and bass. The vocals are an amazing ride through dusty photographs & memories.

Kele Fleming ~ Vancouver Island based singer | songwriter | guitarist

Sophisticated sound that is a mix of punk, pop and sensuous jazz. Kathryn Sutherland has an extraordinary voice, passionate yet smooth. A polished ensemble.

Stephanie B. ~ Side Door Show review

LIVE at Sage Hayward Vineyard. 09.30.23.

09.09.23 Backyard Concert, Courtenay B.C.

Maclean Park Music Event.


"because i said i would"