Luppolo Brewing Duo with Max E.

January 2020 Duo returns to Sylvia Lounge.

Sylvia Lounge show November 28th.


"... the band goes from the funky shuffle of the opening tune Shed A Tear to the near-perfect AAA pop such as Hey or the closing track Desire with obvious chemistry."

Stuart Derdeyn Vancouver Sun Feb. 28. 2017.

Your show was a delight...reminded me of the genuineness and open sweetness of Jane Siberry concerts in the 80s. Keep on singing you and your band are the real thing.

Leslie H. New fan after Notional Space Fundraiser Concert.

"So much music is formulaic and predictable but the Crazy Beautiful Album is refreshingly different. Blue Dirt Girl is not afraid to take risks, and with those risks most often come unexpected and wonderful things!"

Pete Laflamme- Saskatchewan based Luthier and Musician.

"Just spent the past hour listening to your songs on YouTube ... all of them accomplished in their composition and performance -- and relevant to what the world feels like today."

Michael Turner-Author of Hard Core Logo.

"Your sound is so bold and your lyrics deeply relatable. Thank you so much for your music!

T. A.-Blue Dirt Girl fan.

"blue dirt girl's range of music is like a mixed cassette tape you made for a friend."

Paul T. - Vancouver Island House Concert Host.

"Sophisticated pop with hints of jazzy swing."

"Your vocals sound like Kim Gordon's, early Sonic Youth recordings, on your live Youtube video performance of Crazy Beautiful."

Savage- Blue Dirt Girl fan.

"BDG trio are all seasoned musicians clearly at home in any number of genres..Sutherland has a fluid delivery with a particular talent for shifting gear and range from verse to verse effortlessly."

Stuart Derdeyn- Vancouver Sun Review of Crazy Beautiful album 2016.

"This album sounds like vinyl. It may be a CD but the quality of sound is all vinyl."

Michael Leung- Jazz Vinyl Collector.

“Good show at the brewery by the way. You and your band are quite true to your recordings.”

David Jewer- Recording Engineer, Producer, Mastering Guy at his Airborne Studio.

"Thanks again for such beautiful & inclusive Blue Dirt Girl duo performances aboard Via Rail train Toronto to Vancouver."

Bill and Mary Lou- Via Rail passengers. April 2019.

"I closed my eyes & listened to you play DREAMS and The Flamenco Waltz, in the Winnipeg Via Station, & felt like I was on a gondola in Venice again."

Via Rail passenger Blue Dirt Girl duo Artist on Board 2019.

"Kathryn's live performance videos, on Blue Dirt Girl's YouTube Channel, present her material in everything from full band studio sets to back porch strum-alongs and it’s clear she’s right at home anywhere."

Stuart Derdeyn Review, Vancouver Sun, Feb. 28. 2017.

"Your music to me is very unique with lots of changing beats and tempos, driving, unusual sounds like mimicry, syncopation... and a bit fringy."

Debra Matwychuk Photographer Vancouver, B.C.

"Your songs are warm, rich and moving."

Judith S. - Duo Sylvia Lounge Show patron.

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