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The band is in command of their craft. Singer, Kathryn Sutherland, is a stunningly lovely singer and songwriter. Along with the fabulous bass player (Albert) and a new addition, a sax player, who was so intuitive with her playing!

Mona & Eric ~ Side Door Show review

Sophisticated sound that is a mix of punk, pop and sensuous jazz. Kathryn Sutherland has an extraordinary voice, passionate yet smooth. A polished ensemble.

Stephanie B. ~ Side Door Show review

“Truly, I loved the whole experience but especially your band. Beautiful and sensuous and smart.”

Fan review 2022.

SUNSET DADDY is a journey a philosophical conversation between the guitar and bass. The vocals are an amazing ride through dusty photographs & memories.

Kele Fleming ~ Vancouver Island based singer | songwriter | guitarist

The songs channel reggae/dub, modern soul, a dash of 70’s guitar magic. This is not music that references influences. It breathes a sophisticated rare air.

Dennis Mills-musician/blogger (

June 3rd ~ Album Listening Time Event #3.

Outdoor Pop Up Market ~ALT event #2.

Persephone Brewing. Gibsons B.C. ALT event #1.


"because i said i would"