I am going quiet, writing new songs and rehearsing with my trio, for our
APRIL 6th, 2018 blue dirt girl show at THE CULTCH in East Vancouver.

I will post blogs on my/our writing process, funny jokes and killer beats Jason comes up with and words of wisdom and beautiful bass ideas from Albert in rehearsal along with any other updates on the April 6th Cultch Show.
I know that I am playing an all new song cycle of original music with my #bluedirtgirl trio, with myself on vocals/electric/acoustic guitar/vox pedal, #Albert Klassen on stand up/electric bass/vocals and Jason Overy on drums/percussion/vocals, I know that Sophie Yendole, Thinking Ship, poet will be presenting some new material, I know that, Alberta based author Linda Major will be in a small sound booth, somewhere on the site, asking questions and getting answers with her Human Library Project #2 and I am almost certain Emily Cars, Cumberland BC based musicians,  are opening for my blue dirt girl, and I know that special guest vocalist/ukulele/cousin playing Moira Chicilo will sit in on some songs.  I am fervently hoping Kiki Yee, East Vancouver based Photographer/Editor and my Greg, Photographer/Artisan/Industrial Designer will have slide shows of photo’s as a backdrop for the show.
I am very honoured to share the stage with all these fiercely talented indie musicians/poet/artists.
I will post more information closer to the show.

“because i said i would”



Listen to blue dirt girl’s album Crazy Beautiful or singles. 
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blue dirt girl also has tote bags, t shirts, leather keychains, pendants and mason jar holders
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"... the band goes from the funky shuffle of the opening tune Shed A Tear to the near-perfect AAA pop such as Hey or the closing track Desire with obvious chemistry." Stuart Derdeyn Vancouver Sun Feb. 28. 2017.

Your show was such a delight.. reminded me of the genuineness and open sweetness of Jane Siberry concerts.. in the 80s. Keep on singing, you and your band are the real thing. Leslie H. new fan after Notional Space Fundraiser and Concert

"During a time when so much music is formulaic and predictable, Crazy Beautiful is refreshingly different. Blue Dirt Girl is not afraid to take risks, and with those risks most often come unexpected and wonderful things!"
Pete Laflamme, Luthier and music enthusiast

"Just spent the past hour listening to your songs on YouTube ... all of them accomplished in their composition and performance -- and relevant to what the world feels like today."
Michael Turner, Author of Hard Core Logo

"Your sound is so bold and your lyrics deeply relatable. Thank you so much for your music! -blue dirt girl fan

"blue dirt girl's range of music is like a mixed cassette tape you made for a friend." Paul T. - blue dirt girl House Concert Host.

"Sophisticated pop with hints of jazzy swing."

"Your live Crazy Beautiful performance video sounds like early Sonic Youth with Kim Gordon like vocals." Savage bdg fan

Singer/songwriter Kathryn Sutherland, bassist/vocalist Albert Klassen and drummer/percussionist Jason Overy are all seasoned musicians clearly at home in any number of genres. Crazy Beautiful's 14 tracks produced and recorded by ace keyboardist Simon Kendall and mastered by David Jewer. Sutherland has a fluid delivery with a particular talent for shifting gear and range from verse to verse effortlessly...live performance videos on YouTube present her material in everything from full band studio sets to back porch strum-alongs and it’s clear she’s right at home anywhere." Stuart Derdeyn Vancouver Sun Feb 2017

"This album sounds like vinyl. It may be a CD but the quality of sound is all vinyl."
Michael Leung, Jazz Vinyl Enthusiast and Collector

Kathryn Sutherland

Kathryn latest musical project is blue dirt girl.

blue dirt girl is Kathryn writing, recording and performing either with trio including Albert Klassen on stand up/electric bass/back up vocals and Jason Overy on drum/percussion, as a soloist, as a duo with Albert and/or inviting guest musicians to join in for various shows.

Kathryn, with her trio, recorded blue dirt girl’s debut album,Crazy Beautiful, at Simon Kendall’s Hammond Ave Studio in the spring of 2016. Go to her bluedirtgirl.com blog to get details on the recording process, vintage keys, percussion, pedals and Evan Arntzen horn sessions.

Kathryn’s blue dirt girl released and toured Crazy Beautiful in August 2016.

Kathryn produces Chautauqua’s which bring together fiercely talented but often quiet artists to share their music and art in public spaces.  An element of giving back to community,either with fundraising or awareness raising, is part of each blue dirt girl event.

Kathryn produces Magic Kitchen Sessions which are simple Android phone recordings or sound recordings with her 12 mixer from a kitchen or back stoop in East Vancouver. Each Magic Kitchen Session is posted as a video, either with her blue dirt girl trio, duo and/or special guests performing live, on blue dirt girl’s Youtube Channel, blog, Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Kathryn has produced a line of locally sourced and produced blue dirt girl merchandise and is very proud to share blue dirt girl’s Crazy Beautiful CD, Singles and merchandise
on the blue dirt girl online store.

Kathryn creates original soundscapes and songs for dance, theatre or film.

Kathryn is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and guitarist in three east Vancouver indie bands: blue dirt girl, Hello(again) and Push3.

“because i said i would”

Photo taken and used with permission from Kiki Yee
the boys


Job Position

Albert Klassen is a Vancouver bass player, mandolin player and mandolin builder. He’s been playing electric bass with Kathryn in Push3 since 2003, but for blue dirt girl he dusted off the stand-up bass, which hadn’t seen action since he played with Natural Elements, Nyetz, and Balzac in the 1980s. He plays mandolin with Nohearums and Illiteratty, and he will be the first to tell you that carrying a mandolin is easier than carrying a stand-up bass. You won’t find him on Facebook, unless it’s a picture of him on someone else’s page.
Photo taken and used with permission from Kiki Yee



Job Position

To sum up Jason Overy as a formally trained percussionist is to give him short shrift. He grew up in Victoria playing with the Greater Victoria Youth Orchestra. He’s played with jazz, blues, rock, punk, and ska bands. He’s been the musical director for Uzume Taiko for over ten years. He’s a percussion section leader for the band of the Fifteenth Field Regiment RCA. He’s collaborated with contemporary dance and theatre groups. He’s even collaborated with DOA frontman, Joey Shithead. And on top of all of that, he found time to get a third-degree black belt in Shotokan Karate-do and a first-degree black belt in Kokodo Jujutsu. So don’t be giving him short shrift!
Photo taken and used with permission from Kiki Yee


“..not heard Rihanna’s version so keep forgetting this is cover song”

blue dirt girl image for single Crazy Beautiful

“This song sounds like early Sonic Youth w. Kim Gordon vocals.”

blue dirt girl grandma mildred bird sketch from normal school journal

Magic Kitchen Session #3.


blue dirt girl trio at Luppolo Brewing Co.

“..not heard Rihanna’s version so keep forgetting this is cover song”

Garagemahal Backyard Concert 2017.


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"because i said i would"