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 Each month Blue Dirt Girl features a single off our latest album ‘No street signs No straight lines’
and releases a new lyric video.

‘…mixes ethereal steel guitar and analog electronics to create one of the most distinctive sounds,
half blues but with a dash of Pink Floyd.’   Round magazine review


With a sound that’s oddly timeless, down home, ethereal, and occasionally profound, Blue Dirt Girl continue to refine and expand their approach to ‘modern soul’ on No Street Signs No Straight Lines.

LA based Round MagazineJason Blalock

'Love 'MISS HIM' the subtle piano progression gives character to the melody in between bass licks and also sits back on the track as a foundational element. That's some cool mixing.'

Quizboy/Never Say Never. Portland, WA, USA indie band.@never_say_never_quizboy

5 Miles Out haunts me! You have that seriousness delivered with quirkiness and wit in your music that reminds me of David Byrne.”

Maya Love CoppolaNew York based musician/artist

No Street Signs puts its strongest asset up front: Sutherland’s gorgeous voice. Strong,nuanced and, like the band’s sound, doesn’t want to fit into a single style. One moment she reminds of classic Dolly Parton, in another she recalls the energetic cries of Grace Slick.

LA based Round MagazineJason Blalock

'Your music is like a painting. The bass is the outline and the vocals and guitar are the colours filling in the image.'

Audience feedback.

'Text 1' seamless transition from 'STC' with melodic keys, syncopated guitar and enhancing sound effects. Distinctive moments is when song 'breaks down' with a drum fill that briefly shifts the production then snaps back to the steady drumming tempo.”

Unsigned BC Co-op Radio

'Where would I be now' is Awesome track! Love the instrumentation and the changes. Bass and guitar dance very well together.

Stephen Williams Musicians Seattle, WA USA@stephen_williams_songwriter

August 10th live at Saturna Island Lighthouse Pub

Tour des Iles June 15/16 Saturna Island.

LIVE at Sage Hayward Vineyard. 09.30.23.


"because i said i would"