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What They're Saying About Blue Dirt Girl:

“Love 'MISS HIM'. The subtle yet not so subtle piano progression on the track both gives character to the melody in between the bass licks yet at the same time sits back on the track as a foundational element. That's some cool mixing.”

Quizboy/Never Say Never Portland indie band & AMS Radio= supports indie music. & AMS Radio

“Text 1 has sounds reminiscent of 70's and 80's but remains new and elevated with topics of texting communication and technology. As 'Text 1' seamlessly transitions from 'STC' the song features amazing production with: melodic keys, syncopated guitar and enhancing sound effects. One of the most distinctive moments is after the first chorus as the song 'breaks down' with a drum fill that briefly shifts the production then snaps back to the steady drumming tempo.”

Unsigned BC Coop Radio

“'Where would I be now' is awesome track! Love the instrumentation and the changes. Bass and guitar dance very well together.”

Stephen Williams Songwriter/Singer/Guitarist Seattle Washington USA @stephen_williams_songwriter

“Can we just talk about the bass on SPECULATE! And that's not the only thing.... your vocals are tasty!!!!! This whole song is a groove that slaps from the intro right into the pick up in the chorus. As for the video this is great fun and love the footage from that beautiful space overlooking the ocean!”

Synthetik BlondeCanadian indie band with electrifying synthesizer and guitar-driven rock influenced by the funk of the 70s and 80s.

“The album is oddly familiar, yet refusing to ever settle into a single retro style; a sound which is old and new at once. The band puts its strongest asset up front Sutherland’s gorgeous voice. It’s strong and nuanced and, like the band’s sound, doesn’t want to fit into a single style. One moment she reminds of classic Dolly Parton, in another she recalls the energetic cries of Grace Slick.”

L.A. based Round Magazine'No street signs No straight lines' Album Review (06.21.23.)
Read more of the Round Magazine review here.

“5 Miles Out haunts me! You have that seriousness delivered with quirkiness and wit in your music that reminds me of David Byrne.”

Maya Love CoppolaNew York based Artist/Singer/Songwriter/Instrumentalist/Producer/Videographer/Philosopher/Wise ass/Human dreaming

“The band is in control of their craft. Singer, Kathryn Sutherland, is a stunningly lovely singer and songwriter. Along with fabulous bass player Albert and a new addition, a sax player, who was so intuitive with her playing!”

Mona GleasonHowl at the Moon show attendees. (06.11.22)

“I cannot put my finger on which era the singles on your new album No Street Signs No Straight Lines come from. The 70's, 80's sometimes 90's. Your sound is timeless.”

Audience feedback.'No Street Signs No Straight Lines' album release concert (08.18.23)

“Your music is like a painting. The bass is the outline and the vocals and guitar are the colours filling in the image.”

Audience feedback'No Street Signs No Straight Lines' release concert. (07.17.23)

“Your songs are positive in a time of such deep negativity. You sing about ordinary things that are so important: kids, walks, the land, friends, family.”

Audience feedback'No Street Signs No Straight Lines' album release concert. (06.25.23)

“I listened to your EP, a nice variety of sounds, vibes and ambiances...I was listening to Shed a Tear, it reminded me of the good years of the Young Marble Giants and Week-End-1978 to 1983 through the lens of Alison Stattons voice and songs.”

Marc FournierCBC host/World music DJ Crazy Beautiful album single review (2016)

“This EP, 'Nothing is as it was' is genius, pure genius!”

Josh KlassenVancouver Island Canada musician/artist/video creator.

“I love Sunset Daddy. One groove with the drums- the bass line is pretty dope too. There is a funk feel to it. Love the sound of the rim shots. There is a real groove to Sunset Daddy. I hope we can do something together musically soon."”

Michael JacobsSinger Songwriter based in France.

“5 Miles Out '' got stuck in my head,...The last song to do that to me was from a couple or three years ago, maybe more. "5 Miles Out" feels like it's smarter older sister.”

Michael TurnerCanadian musician and author Hard Core Logo (1993)

“Sophisticated sound that is a mix of punk, pop and sensuous jazz. Kathryn Sutherland has an extraordinary voice, passionate yet smooth. An accomplished ensemble.”

Stephanie B.Howl at the Moon show attendees. (06.11.22)

“Our latest album 'No Street Signs No Straight Lines' included on Tinnitist Magazines weekly

“This is not music that references influences. It breathes a sophisticated rare air. The songs channel reggae/dub, modern soul, a dash of 70’s guitar magic.”

Dennis MillsVancouver based Musician and Substack blogger.
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