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Our live online SESSIONS show, on December 1st, went very well.
We had listeners from India, Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver and other spots.
Once the Klassen’s and I figured out the streamlabs platform for the show, set up spiffy lights, cleared the counter, checked the sound and lights we were ready to go.
The Atlantic Street magic kitchen lived up to its amazing sound & music vibes.
Watch short Sessions Live clip here.
(Thanks Dima for beauty recording clip)

Watch multiple BDG magic kitchen live videos here.

My DREAMS was on the Top 20 NAS list again this time in 3rd spot.
DREAMS was also included on the new weekly Blue Torch Radio NAS Podcast.
This is a unique opportunity for a UK based audience to hear the
NAS Top 20 indie musician singles every week.
What is NAS?

Saskatoon based musician/writer/radio host Jay Semko was kind enough to include my EP single, BLOOD, on his CFCR Saskatoon Community Radio show, The Songwriters, last week.
This is the second time Jay has shared my prairie|westcoast girl original music on his show.
Read all about it here.

Take 45 minutes, a couple times a week, and listen to Kele Flemings new playlist “The Songs of All Sorts” on Spotify.
Kele, is a Vancouver Island based musician/blogger and has been part of my Blue Dirt Girl Productions.
She asked for 1 of my EP songs and a song by an indie artist I admire for her new playlist.
I added “I Don’t Mind” and immediately added Dan Ponich’s “Slow Squeeze” a new single with his new music venture LA Solution Center.
I am lucky to count Dan as a friend and he was my unbelievable Recording Engineer/musician/co producer for
“NOTHING IS AS IT WAS” recording.
Listen to 3o seconds of Kathryn & Dan music mind meld here

Listen to Kele’s new album here.

Finally thanks to the many NAS volunteers/moderators who edit and host the B.T.Radio podcast every week, as well as, maintaining the NAS Spotify and YouTube playlists for my Blue Dirt Girl music & indie musicians from all over the world.
All for no fee to artists.
What is NAS and how can you support indie music?

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