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I was approached by Sessions Live to perform live online for their December 1st Elements Festival.

I am glad to report that musicians do not pay to play, fans can interact live with performers and pay as you watch for the music you enjoy. The stream lab streaming platform is easy for artists to use, we choose where we play and what we perform. The audience has great sound and picture of live music online. You get a chance to listen/support live online indie music from around the world.

My BDG duo, with Albert on bass/vox and Kathryn on lead vox/reverend guitar/pedal board are performing a 15 minute live set.

This Wednesday DECEMBER 1st.

4:30-4:45 pm (PST)

Free tix. You can watch music all day on December 1st and you can pay for any performers you enjoy on the safe platform.

Click here for the Sessions Live FAQ link including FREE Tickets, Viewing set up and Optional Paying artists you enjoy. 


Hello Vancouver this is Sweden calling. Can you hear me?

This week I had a blast recording a live interview with NAS Youtube Podcaster & musician Michael Lind.
(listen to Michael- The Blindfold Experience.)

Michael sipped wine in Sweden (10 pm CST) I sipped hot coffee at (Noon PST)here in Vancouver. Michael asked me about: my name choice for the EP title, sketches and tracks, bit about each song, why do i collaborate/with whom and the EP recording process.

Sweden|Vancouver zoom interview Instagram  post pic with snip of new song SPECULATE.

There will be clips of all my “Nothing is as it was” videos and a full viewing of DREAMS video.
Coming January 2022.


I keep telling you about my involvement with NAS|New Artist Spotlight 
This is Canadian musician, Ed Eagles, brain child for indie artists to support indie artists & share all our music with fans.
It is a worldwide network with full range of music styles/sounds.
Consider streaming the NAS Youtube playlist, Apple Music Canadian playlist, Rarities, Oddities and B-sides Spotify playlist.

Each play pays unsigned indie musicians for their work.

2022 Blue Dirt Girl co-production of WRITE NOW event reboot.

An evening of music/art/ecological/scientific speaker and writing of physical letters around the climate emergency which go straight to the desk of civic, provincial and federal politicians.
Art for Change. Safe COVID space event. Ticketed event.

Here is the link to our WRITE NOW event info, unfortunately cancelled with COVID, from 2020.

Stay safe. Be kind.


image= still of video by @EricTkaczyk art at Burrards Arts outdoor Public Art spot beside Elan Fine Art Gallery

200 block of east 1st Ave, Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

Cycling at night East Vancouver pic by KS/BDG.

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