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‘Where would I be now’ released + other announcements.

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‘Where would I be now’ is a result of a confluence of events and marks a new sound for the band. In 2020 Kathryn invited Max Evans to rehearse, play and record in studio with Blue Dirt Girl and his style of guitar playing stuck in her head. Next Kathryn gathered bits and pieces of collected guitar ideas using harmonics and strong lead guitar lines. She wanted to experiment with the guitar expressing her song ideas rather than traditional lyric structured songs. She and Albert also started a jam style of rehearsing to meld Kathryn’s disparate guitar ideas and allow Albert to find a bass part.

The result was a new band sound with both  ‘Where would i be now’ and ‘Song of the Crawdad’ off our new album ‘No street signs No straight lines’

What a brilliant time Kathryn, Albert and Dan had in studio with: Albert and Kathryn’s song structure with strong guitar and bass ideas and minimal lyrics, Dan listening to Kathryn’s sonic ideas and using the SEW WHAT app, playing other instruments, and working his magic as our recording engineer.


‘Where would i be now’ review:

Octopus Music London compadre Portland based indie musician, Stephen Williams, had this to say about ‘Where would I be now’

“’Where would I be now’ is awesome track! Love the instrumentation and the changes. Bass and guitar dance very well together.”

Have a listen to Stephen’s single Red Red Sky featuring Grammy Award Winning and legendary drummer, Dave Abbruzzese (Pearl Jam) and multi instrumentalist Bob Hewitt mixed by Dave and mastered by Ludwing Diaz.


A reminder that Octopus Music London, is a UK and London based consortium of indie musicians established for the benefit of indie musicians.

The big news is that all Octopus Music London playlists have been added to APPLE MUSIC.  N0w you can stream myriad of genre playlists on Apple Music or Spotify + stream our Youtube playlist and support indie music including Blue Dirt Girl’s.

Here is the Apple Octopus Music London playlists link.

Our music is on:

Sirens and Storytellers, Technicolor: Modern Jazz, Swing: Late Night Jazz.

Midnight Sun: Late Night Calm, Funked in the Head and The Garden: Daily updated new single releases from OML artists.

Octopus Music London Spotify playlists with our music:

Sirens and Storytellers, Technicolor: Modern Jazz, Swing: Late Night Jazz, Midnight Sun: Late Night Calm and Funked in the head: Funk and Soul and The Garden: Daily updated new Octopus Music London artists single released

Please note that Apple music pays indie artists more per play than Spotify but/and any play of our music is much appreciated.

For TIDAL and other streaming platforms please listen, share or add Blue Dirt Girl singles to your own playlists.


Live Show Announcements:

June 15/16th: Gulf Islands Tour Des Iles 2024. Saturna Island Lyall Harbour times tba. Guest musician Dan Ponich.

August 3rd show announcement details on May 1st.

August 1oth Saturna Lighthouse Pub. Guest musician- Dan Ponich

September 7th, 14th and October 5th live shows, at various locations in British Columbia,  Blue Dirt Girl and artist KLAME with 3rd artist. Details coming soon.


Music Placement:

If you are in or around Swift Current Saskatchewan attend Gore-phers. The Final Gnaw indie movie May 11th. Blue Dirt Girl’s  “Where would I be now” single has been placed in the horror movies soundtrack!  Who would have thought?

We are happy to support Dead Prairie Productions film release with free use of our original single.  All ticket monies going to Swift Current SPCA.

Thanks as always for your continued support of our indie music!


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