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Day 2 of recording at Park Sound Studios with Dan Ponitch.

I pulled out my acoustic guitar, after 10 years, for my Via Rail Cross Canada Tour in April 2019.
Dan wanted to add multiple guitar layers on DREAMS so my cleo came out to play.
We spent the morning tracking my electric Reverend, with Vox wah pedal in play and acoustic guitar tracks.

We also listened to Jason and Albert’s tracks, discussed song sound and Dan added more sonic layers.

At 1 pm Max Evans arrived to lay down his lead guitar tracks.
I met Max via my son Cooper.
Our families were camping together I was playing my guitar and Max asked to play along.  I knew immediately, as Max created cool riffs on the spot, he had an innate talent for guitar playing. There was no affect or ego Max just loved playing guitar.
I asked and Max was up for mentoring with the Albert, Jason and I.  Summer 2019 we talked about: setup of personal/stage gear, payment for shows, show bookings, band dynamics, song structure and songwriting. Max attended every rehearsal and played live in multiple Blue Dirt Girl shows last summer.

This was Max’s first time tracking in a professional recording studio. He killed it on his guitar tracks.
Max’s first track was for BLOOD with an arpeggio guitar riff inspired by The Police song -Bring on the Night- mix of reggae and arpeggio guitar tracks.
The day before Jason made a on the spot magic change from hip hop to reggae pattern on his BLOOD drum part.
Max was challenged, persevered and figured out the unique arpeggio riff with Jason’s new hip hop beat on BLOOD.
Dan was impressed as Max repeatedly layed down unique lead guitar tracks for all 4 EP songs.

Be prepared for a major shift in our Blue Dirt Girl sound with the release of my EP in the fall.

“because I said I would”

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"because i said i would"