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It is time to shine the light on ‘Text 1’ the fourth track on our latest album ‘no street signs no straight lines.’ 

A number of songs arrived as my father slowly slipped away with both cancer and alzheimer’s 5 years ago. ‘Text 1’ speaks about possible scenarios while using technology to communicate, with people far away, in times of crisis.

I have found many inspiring thoughts and ideas, for ‘Text 1″, from reading Maria Popova’s The Marginilain.
Maria’s use of Ursula Le Guin’s quote in Telling is Listening: on the magic of real human conversation describes one aspect of ‘Text 1’ well.
“Successful relationships involve entrainment-getting in sync. If it doesn’t, the relationship is either uncomfortable or disastrous.”

In the end I love how ‘TEXT 1’ moves from short text like lyric lines to the syncopated dance vibe with drums, guitar, bass and vocals in the chorus.

Another special aspect of  the song is its sonic connection to track 3 ‘STC’ on the album. The two songs literally flow into each other from the end of ‘STC’ ah ha ah ha’s to a change in key and ah ha ah ha’s that open ‘Text 1’ to
Dan Ponich throughline hum, on the synth, linking the songs.

Unfortunately, because most albums are not listened to as a whole, but as separate singles, you can only hear this connection if you take 5-6 minutes and listen to STC and Text 1 together.  Listen to STC through to Text 1 here on Bandcamp.


The original idea to connect ‘Text 1’ and ‘STC’ came to me during the creation of Blue Dirt Girl Productions Little Conversations: an evening of words and music at The Cultch in East Vancouver (2018).  Albert and I created this interdisciplinary show with Vancouver based poet Sophie Yendole aka Thinking Ship.  The three of us worked for months stitching together original BDG songs and Thinking Ship poems into this show. We added writer Linda Sanche’s live interview recordings for her Sob Stories Podcasts during intermission in the Lounge.

You can watch how beautifully Sophie’s ‘American Ironed’ poem flows into ‘STC’ which flows into ‘Text 1’ on our Blue Dirt Girl Youtube channel video here.


Inspired by Humans of New York Vancouver High School student Hugo Lam created the non profit VanCity Humans project. VCH is dedicated to promoting the diverse and distinct voices of Vancouver through interview stories and photos. Check out my interview at here with Hugo here.
It was interesting to look back at my band since its inception in 2015.  It has not been dull and there is so much more new music to come. My “because i said i would” mantra has served me well.


Blue Dirt Girl’s music is being played on the Unsigned BC rotation and on February 5th our ‘TEXT 1’ single will be featured as song of the week on Unsigned BC’s Instagram page.

Unsigned BC is BC’s largest music community and your official source for local music. You can tune in Saturday’s 4-6 pm on CFRO Vancouver Coop Radio 100.5 FM.  You can join Unsigned BC Music Society and support its various efforts via their website.

Thanks to everyone who has supported our music and shows over the last 9 years. Follow my posts on various aspects of ‘Text 1’ for the next month on Blue Dirt Girl socials and please share. You can download all the album singles on your favourite platform. Using Apple Music and Bandcamp platforms gives the band the best financial support. Playlisting our music is also much appreciated.

We have 2 new exciting collaborations in the works for 2024 which will be announced soon.

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