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NAS podcast interview #2 feb 2022 EP

~BANDCAMP FRIDAY has returned. Tomorrow February 4th if you purchase any of my music Bandcamp waives its usual fee and I get a wee bit more $ per purchase. Here is my Bandcamp page.

~The Reshare campaign for my 2021 EP “NOTHING IS AS IT WAS”  & collaborator art marches on.

~It is now track 2 “I Don’t Mind” turn.
Catch up with my reshare posts here. Dance reaction video. Full video. Podcast interview round IDM and my music business thoughts.

~1 + 1 =  2
I have 2 Youtube NAS Podcast interviews.

New podcast was in depth interview about “I DON’T MIND” with hip hop artists Wilko Wilkes/London and Origin Crsxx/Detroit.
The business of music, money/pay for artists and/or lack of it, studio recording processes, mental health, our favourite part of creating music and more.

My first podcast was a tintillating chat about my EP title & single choice, collaborators, mentees, play of my myriad of DREAMS videos with Swedish based prog rocker -The Blindfold Experience.

~Jay Semko hosts a CFCR Saskatoon 90.5 COOP radio “The Songwriters” show every Tuesday.
Jay played my single BLOOD yesterday and has played other EP singles in the past. Consider listening and supporting both Jay’s show and the station.

Jay has a lifetime of experience in the music industry, with The Northern Pikes, and now is an author with his book, The poetry & lyrics of Jay Semko

“because i said i would”

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"because i said i would"