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Very excited to share my YOUTUBE INTERVIEW here with The Blindfold Experience/Michael Lind (Swedish based musician/podcaster).

The interview covers: start up of Blue Dirt Girl and confluence of Kathryn’s past life in Social Work with social justice/equity and her music, her bandmates and also explanation of collaborators art with full & teaser videos, sketches and studio recording process with Dan Ponich, stories behind each single on the EP, Max mentee guitarist and my fuzzy manager Billy.

The NAS Video Spotlight interview is perfectly timed with my current Reshare of “Nothing is as it was” EP singles and collaborator art on my socials.         Find socials, follow and share my Reshare posts here.


TONIGHT tune into 100.5 FM Coop Radio at 9 pm for play of my DREAMS on the Unsigned BC show.
Each of these links will take you to the live show.

Please consider asking for more Blue Dirt Girl music to be played with a simple request via Coop Radio FB and/or Coop Radio or Unsigned BC on Instagram.

Thanks to both Coop Radio and the Unsigned show host for choosing to play my DREAMS.


MY SINGLE BLOOD came in at #5 this week on the NAS Top 20 list.
Voting is by fellow musicians so 5th spot is especially fine.

CONSIDER listening, purchasing or playlisting a range of amazing indie music, from all over the world, on any NAS Spotify playlist.
My Blue Dirt Girl songs are on these NAS playlists: Pro, Rarities, Oddities & B sides,Canadian Indie  and Indie Women.

Thanks for your continued support for my music.

“because i said i would”

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"because i said i would"