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On 04.06.18 Blue Dirt Girl Productions presented a multidisciplinary show
at The Cultch Theater. (Vancouver B.C.)

Little Conversations: an evening of music and words
Finding connections between songs, poems, and conversations.

This evening was a huge success. The room was lit for this rare opportunity to listen in on the conversation between three fiercely talented artists. Aiming to break down the barriers between the performers and the audience this collaborative event featured the music of East Van trio Blue Dirt Girl with Sophie Yendole, the poet behind Thinking Ship, weaving her words between songs, while Sob Stories podcast collects conversations with the audience in the Founders’ Lounge.

Whether they’re in-depth talks or brief exchanges on the street, conversations are how we reach out to others, connect the disconnected. Through her music, Blue Dirt Girl’s Kathryn Sutherland examines all of her conversations—from her working and writing sessions with her bandmates, to the regular Friday Morning Meetings with the women behind Thinking Ship, Sob Stories, and 2 other Vancouver based artists, to the spontaneous chats she has with the people she meets throughout the day. Out of these little conversations came the inspiration for this show.

Learn what Blue Dirt Girl has known all along: start a conversation . . . it’ll change your day.

Blue Dirt Girl’s SINGLE, an aptly chosen interpretation of Concrete Blonde’s Little Conversations, is available for download at or your favourite streaming platform.

Vancouver-based reclusive artist Erik Whittaker’s  original video for the track is up on Blue Dirt Girl’s YouTube channel now.

This is the first of many edited clips from the Little Conversations show.
Go to my Blue Dirt Girl Youtube channel to see the LC playlist.

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  • Donna Redlick says:

    Little Conversations: Such a fun video and BDG sound fantastic. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Donna. I was very lucky to have Erik create such a fun video for our cover song.I have loved Johnette Napolatinos Concrete Blonde song since it came out in the 80’s. Perfect theme song for my Cultch Theater show too. Appreciate note Donna.

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