Download single “Little Conversations” (cover of Concrete Blonde song) with my trio.


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blue dirt girl trio recorded Little Conversations through the summer and fall of 2017 at Jason Overy’s, Overeezee Studio, in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

Wah pedal, electric guitar, mandolin, drums, percussion, synth, acoustic guitar, vocals.  It’s a pretty crazy mix of instruments and vocals with a pretty great result.  blue dirt girl’s Little Conversation an original cover of a classic Concrete Blonde song.

Jason was not only the recording engineer and co producer, on the track but also laid down killer drum/percussion parts, a synth bridge part and backup vocals to the recording.

I co produced the track, played Wah pedal on my fender strat and sang lead vocals.

Albert Klassen played bass, mandolin, 5 string acoustic guitar and sang backup vocals.

One of my favourite parts of this recording process was the creation of the bridge section on the song.

I heard a searing synth part, inspired by playing music with Vancouver based keyboardist Lorraine Finch, for the bridge.  Jason worked it out on his mini synth keyboard and we decided to add choral synth harmonies. Albert came in to the studio, for his bass tracks recording, and said he would take a swing at replacing the choral synth harmonies with both a 5 string acoustic guitar part, the 6th string was missing, and multi tracked mandolin parts.  Albert hit it out of the park with his guitar and mandolin tracks.   Jason mixed it in with the original synth part and the resulting Little Conversation bridge section was complete.

The song was also the impetus for my blue dirt girl’s April 6th, 2018 show at The Cultch, in Vancouver B.C. Canada, aptly named Little Conversations: an evening of music and words

Whether they’re in-depth talks or brief exchanges on the street, conversations are how we reach out to others, connect the disconnected. Through my blue dirt girl music I examine all of my conversations—from my working and writing sessions with my bandmates, to the regular Friday morning discussions with the group of women artists and mothers, to the spontaneous chats I have with the people I meet throughout the day.

Out of these little conversations came the inspiration for this show. Aiming to break down the barriers between the performers and the audience, my blue dirt girl trio will play an intimate set while the poems of Thinking Ship  provides thoughtful response. Audience members are invited to engage with Sob Stories  podcast who will be recording conversations in the Founders’ Lounge.

Thanks to Vancouver-based artist, Erik Whittaker, who created an original video for the track up now on blue dirt girl’s Youtube Channel.

Thanks to my son Reed who synced up the studio track with the video.

Learn what I have known all along: start a conversation . . . it’ll change your day.

photo by Kiki Yee


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