Download single “Little Conversations”. (BDG cover of Concrete Blonde)


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THE SONG-blue dirt girl trio recorded our original cover version of Little Conversations through the summer and fall of 2017 at Jason Overy’s, Overeezee Studio, in Burnaby, BC, Canada.

Wah pedal, electric guitar, mandolin, drums, percussion, synth, acoustic guitar, vocals.  It’s a pretty crazy mix of instruments and vocals with a pretty great result.  

One of my favourite parts of recording was the creation of the Bridge on the song.
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The Little Conversations Blue Dirt Girl Production– My long running love for Concrete Blonde’s song  was also the impetus for my Blue Dirt Girl Production April 6th, 2018 show at The Cultch, in Vancouver B.C. Canada, aptly named Little Conversations: an evening of music and words 

The Little Conversations Video– East Van video artist, Erik Whittaker, produced an original video for our cover of Little Conversations.
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photo by Kiki Yee


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