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Shining light on our latest single~ ‘Miss Him’

By February 29, 2024March 17th, 2024No Comments

It’s time to shine some light on ‘Miss Him’, the 5th track on our latest album, ‘No street  signs No straight lines.’

‘Miss Him’ is dreamy guitar, groove bass, beats and grand piano.

Here is Albert’s spruch:

“When someone you love is gone it takes a while for the full weight of the person’s absence to sink in.        We started writing this song shortly after my wife Kath and I lost her dad, and Kathryn drew on her experience losing her dad a couple years before that. The vocals were recorded in one take, probably because Dan could see we were both on the edge of falling apart.When you are in a vulnerable state you want to surround yourself with people you trust.”


Here is the first post on ‘Miss Him.’  I will be posting studio session fact and images for ‘Miss Him’  on Blue Dirt Girl Instagram and FB over the next 4-6 weeks.

I will let you know when the lyric video is released.

In the meantime watch the lyric videos for: 5 Miles Out, Speculate, STC and Text 1 here on Blue Dirt Girl  Youtube channel.

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