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‘Text 1’ is the fourth single off our new album ‘no street signs no straight lines’ released in June 2023.

Check out the slick ‘Text 1’ video here on our Youtube channel.

The video idea came from Calla Pickett, whom I have known since the day she was born, a now 23 year old (!) woman with so many talents: University Biology grad, songwriter, singer, defender of all animals, fun in a box and more. I told Calla the    ‘Text 1’ backstory and she replied “Ok lets screenshot video the text conversation and add lyrics for video.”


Liz James, Brazil based indie solo and rock musician(Bad Scullianz) /songwriter/mom, created a short video to explain the financial ramifications of the new SPOTIFY rules for payment to artists. Here is the IG video link

I encourage everyone to take 8 minutes and listen to Liz’s explanation of the ramifications for pay out to artists especially smaller indie artists like Blue Dirt Girl and Bad Scullianz. It may seem paradoxical that neither Liz or I are pulling our music off Spotify but it is the largest music streaming platform and visibility and playlisting is key for indie musicians income. We are asking fans to consider streaming, downloading and sharing our music on APPLE Music or Bandcamp, TIDAL where payout to artists, though still low, is higher than SPOTIFY.

If you have any questions or a rebuttal please reach out to me at~


I am very excited to announce a new creative collaboration with Ocean Whisper aka Sarah Dawn Robichaud a dance artist, yoga instructor, musician and entrepreneur on Saturna Island, B.C. Canada.  Stay tuned.


Please consider following online ROUND magazine. Why? Round magazine supports indie musicians around the world with reviews and playlisting.  The Found by Round page did a fabulous review of our new album, they continue to share my single posts/new videos plus they have a fantastic Spotify playlist with all the indie musicians they review including Blue Dirt Girl. In addition the magazine has intelligent Destinations and Cultural articles from around the world.


Be careful what you wish for. Picture myself,  Dan Ponich and Albert in Park Sound Studio recording tracks for ‘no street signs no straight lines’.

We are listening to chorus sessions for ‘Text 1.’  I say “ooh I hear this beat in the chorus’ as I clap my hands to demonstrate. Dan responds “Ok. Let’s record it. I will set up the mic now”  Have you ever tried clapping your hands, with another, in front of an extremely sensitive studio mic for 3 minutes?  The result is beautiful on ‘Text 1’ chorus but I know sit on my hands during sessions with Dan!  Watch humourous Instagram post here.

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