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From today to mid December it’s time to celebrate  ‘STC’.   The 3rd track on our latest album release
 ‘No street signs No straight lines.’

In the winter of 2015 Kathryn Sutherland rode a Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC) bus from Regina to Saskatoon.
It was minus 30 degrees outside at the time.
A man with a tired drawn face and a plastic bag filled with his belongings got on the bus and sprawled on the seat across the aisle from her.
He was talking on his flip phone and it was impossible to avoid hearing his side of the conversation.
He was a truck driver arguing with his boss about abandoning his truck on the side of the highway. He had to repeat many times that he would have frozen to death if he had stayed in the truck.

‘STC’s lyrics are based on this overheard conversation.
post photo by Charmian Nimmo Vancouver based ceramicist and photographer.



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