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Watch Ray Maichin’s video here with Blue Dirt Girl lip synching and playing  ‘Why is it?’ unplugged.
This was part of Kathryn, Albert and Tony’s band photo/video shoot with Ray at The Polygon Gallery, Seaspan Room, in North Vancouver, BC Canada.

Kathryn compiled an April to July Youtube video for  ’No street signs No straight lines’ Album Listening Time events here.

At the 1:33 minute mark you will see Kathryn and Albert performing ‘Why is it?’ at the Roundhouse Arts Centre show in Yaletown.

Ray Maichin is a Vancouver based photographer/videographer who takes brilliant live show pictures and band photo shoots.

Ray also takes outstanding wildlife, nature and landscape photos. See his images here. He is a member of Canadian Conservation Photographers, a plant based turtle farmer and an advocate for land preservation for all flora and fauna.

You can listen, playlist, download and share ‘Why is it’ and the other 14 new album singles on Bandcamp, Spotify or your favourite streaming platform.

Post photo by Kath Klassen




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