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SPECULATE Lyric Video is out. Watch here.
Speculate is the second track off our new “no street signs no straight lines’ album 06.21.23.
If you have not had a chance watch the albums first track ‘5 Miles Out’ lyric video here.
The live band video was taken by Vancouver based photographer Ray Maichin Photography.
If you need professional photos or show or preset videos. Ray is your man!
Thanks Tony Lee and Albert Klassen for coming out for the shoot and looking super fine in all the photos.
Thanks again to Reid Shier, Director of The Polygon Gallery, for generously offering the Sea Span room for the Blue Dirt Girl photo/video shoot. The lighting in the room and the backdrop view of Vancouver was unbelievably helpful.
The best way to support Blue Dirt Girl’s Youtube videos:
~watch video from start to finish
~make a comment
~subscribe to Blue Dirt Girl YT Channel
~share with a friend and invite them to do the 3 points above
Following the 3 steps  is the ONLY way that YouTube will add you as a BDG YT channel subscriber.
Why does the band need more subscribers?
The more Youtube subscribers musicians get, at least 1,000, the more potential income comes from artists videos.
You will not get any correspondence  from the band if you subscribe to the YT channel.
Let us know what you think of SPECULATE as a song, the lyric video and share the video/music far and wide.
“because i said i would”

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"because i said i would"