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Here is Blue Dirt Girl’s latest live performance video in support of their new album
‘no street signs no straight lines.’

Kathryn and Albert were very excited to both play at Sage Hayward Vineyard and perform their first live show with Dan Ponich.

Why you ask?

As Albert says ” Dan knows where the holes are in our songs and what instrument fits. Dan showed this off playing keys, guitar and percussion brilliantly with Kathryn and Albert at the show. The trio’s creative connection was very apparent at this show.
Sage Haywood Vineyard is a family owned and operated winery and bistro on Saturna Island, B.C., Canada. The vineyard has a breathtaking view of the ocean, brilliant food, wine & tasting bar. 

How did the trio meet?

Dan was the recording engineer for both ‘nothing is as it was’ EP (2021) & the band’s latest album ‘no street signs no straight lines’ (06.21.23). Kathryn & Dan discovered they had a unique creative kinship co-producing both projects. The band’s move to a new modern soul sound is apparent on both those studio recording. The third key element for Blue Dirt Girl’s modern soul sound is bassist, mandolin, songwriter & harmony genius Albert Klassen.
Finally, Dan also played supporting synth, guitar, percussion, grand piano tracks on both the 2021 EP & 2023 album & all the drum tracks on the ‘no street signs no straight lines.’

The trio played all 15 songs off their new album along with some classic Blue Dirt Girl songs from their extensive music catalogue.

You can find all the bands music at or on your favourite streaming platform.

Huge thanks to both Greg Corrigan and Sage Hayward Vineyard’s very adept professional social media manager~ Darya for all the live videos.

After grooving to Blue Dirt Girl’s live performance of  ‘Little Conversations'(2018)  at the SHV show Darya’s chose it as the audio for her Reel. You can find the Reel on Blue Dirt Girl instagram feed and the end of the new YT video.

‘Little Conversations’ was written by Johnette Napolatino & released with her band Concrete Blonde in 1989.

Thank you to the Hayward family and Sarah-Dawn, SHV manager, for hiring and creating this brilliant evening of music, wine, bbq and great company.

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