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Kathryn, Albert and guest artist Dan Ponich are still flying high after the Blue Dirt Girl show last night at Sage Hayward Vineyards on Saturna Island, B.C. Canada.

This show shone with Dan sitting in on keys, extra guitar and percussion. Dan was the bands recording engineer/co producer, for both ‘nothing is as it was” EP (2021) and latest ‘no street signs no straight lines’ album release (06.21.23), so he knew where the holes were in each song and what to play for the live show.

Chef Kaitie’s food was ridiculously good, SHV wines are fine, the Hayward family and staff are professional and kind, Daria the vineyard’s social media manager was excellent with show posts and live video and stills from the show.  Most important the attendee’s thoroughly enjoyed the evening of music, food and good conversations.

Here are the first of many live video clips on our Instagram & Facebook page from last nights SHV event.
The IG post is a clip of new single Song of the Crawdad and the FB post is a clip of new single STC. 

If you want to see more video clips from the Sage Hayward Vineyards show keep your eye on Blue Dirt Girl’s socials posts and Youtube channel.

Kathryn will be wrapping up her spotlight on ‘no street signs no straight lines’ second track SPECULATE with a premiere for SPECULATE on BDG’s Youtube Channel in the next week.

Kathryn will then direct the light onto track 3  STC.

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  • Bart says:

    Nice! I was checking out the vineyards in the link you provided. That looks like a sweet gig! Congrats and kudos.

    • Hey Bart, Thanks for clicking one of my myriad of links!! Yes, Sage Hayward Vineyards is amazing spot on Saturna Island. Family bought it to keep it locally owned. We were treated with huge respect for posting the event, the evening of and with payment for our work. If you ever head up here lmk I can give you more intel. Appreciate hearing from you. K

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