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Comments matter.

Comments give Kathryn and Albert a sense that their new album is being heard and touching people in some way.
Comments, on any music of Blue Dirt Girl’s platforms, also entices other potential listeners &/or reviewers to listen to Blue Dirt Girl’s music. Socials/Platform links here.

Vancouver based artist Mark Douglas, made a beautiful connection between Italo Calvino’s  writing and our No Street Signs No Straight Lines album title.
“who noticed how snowfall in his city removed all the lines and street signs- and relished the sense of freedom that evoked.”  (Mr. Palomar)


Fellow Octopus Music Collective musician Julie Hicklin, based in London, England, said
“I’m listening to your album now!! It’s outstanding. Your bio on Spotify is a perfect description of who you are. Your voice is effortless, intimate, conversational.    Love the bass lines and that wah! Bet you are awesome live.” see instagram post here

Paris based musician Olivier Billaut’s commented on Blue Dirt Girl Youtube channel  5 Miles Out lyric video release.
“Awesome creation and musical production. Unique creative style. Much inspired and talented. Wonderful Orchestration and interpretation. Vocal and instrumental. I love. Brighting positive atmosphere. Excellent visual production and video editing. Full of poetry and energy. A real pleasure to listen and watch. Much emotional and spiritual. Big big big like for this fantastic touching perform and brilliant sharing. Splendid and luminous.”

Comments matter.


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