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L.A. based Round Magazine chose to review our No Street Signs No Straight Lines album.  We appreciate being chosen and the time writer/reviewer Jason Blalock took to write this review.
Here is the first bit~

“With a sound that’s oddly timeless, both down home and ethereal, and occasionally profound, Blue Dirt Girl continue to refine and expand their approach to ‘modern soul’ in No Street Signs No Straight Lines.”  click here for full review.

Round Magazine is an online destination and culture magazine featuring music, art and design, tv, movies, theatre and travel articles. The magazine does not use payola or indie artists paying for reviews. A final reason to support this online publication.

I need to take a moment to thank, my friend, Vancouver based writer & musician Dennis Mills for giving Blue Dirt Girl our “modern soul” genre descriptor line.

Dennis wrote a marvelous unsolicited review of our 2021 EP Nothing iS As iT waS. He titled the review ~Smells like Rainbows Sounds like Velvet ~ (wonderful start) then began with a reference synesthesia (oh this is going to be great) and a couple lines later this “The songs channel reggae/dub, modern soul, a dash of 70’s guitar magic.”  There it was MODERN SOUL our new music descriptor. No more endless thesaurus research and crumpled paper evenings for me. We had our genre.(read Dennis’s full review of our EP here) Consider following and supporting Dennis’s musings on substack. His posts are raw, intelligent and expansive.

Albert and I are very proud of  this new album No Street Signs No Straight Lines and our 15 original song.

Let us know what you think.

Our Album Listening Time events continue with shows: private event July 2nd Saturna Island, 22 or 23rd (tba Grand Prix of Art, Steveston, B. C.) and July 29th, Lighthouse Pub, Saturna Island B. C., August 13th, Strathcona Park MacLean Music Festival and September 9th a House Concert in Courtenay B.C. More details on all the ALT shows here.


Thanks for your continued support of my music.

photo by Vancouver based potter and teacher Charmian Nimmo.(04.17.23) at  Park Sound Studio recording sessions.

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