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Blue Dirt Girl no street signs no straight lines album cover 2023 by greg corrigan modern soul

No more upcoming album hashtags for me. Thank goodness.
Our No Street Signs No Straight Lines album is out on our Bandcamp page now.
We have a limited edition of CDs wrapped in recycled paper sleeve with Greg Corrigan’s original design on the cover. More details and shipping info here.

We decided to give fans a chance to listen, download, share and playlist our 15 new modern soul singles on Bandcamp prior to its release on other streaming platforms tomorrow.

Why? Bandcamp is the best music platform to buy and support indie music because they give the highest return on each sale to the artists. There are also no subscription fees for users.

Thanks again to recording engineer Dan Ponich for working, again, with Blue Dirt Girl at Park Sound Studio creating our music.

Kathryn and Albert are very excited to share our new original modern soul music with you.
Let us know what you think & thanks for your continued support.

Rumour going around that Blue Dirt Girl already has a review of the album coming out in the next couple of days.

Album art by Greg Corrigan

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  • Louise says:

    Wow you must need some time out! Congratulations.

  • Bart says:

    Agree! I always say the closer we get to a direct-to-consumer market like Bandcamp, the better the music industry will be for artists. And I totally look like an old man shaking my fist at the sky when I say it too 🙂

    • Hey my friend! Thanks for props on my attempts to subvert the music business while aware I’m biting the hand that feeds me! Good to know I am not the only indie musician with similar views. Age is irrelevant don’t get me started on the “you must be young with no wrinkles”tangent in the music business.

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