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June 16th update. If you missed Kathryn’s interview with Kele Fleming here is the IG live interview on our Blue Dirt Girl Youtube channel.

Tomorrow night, Monday June 5th, at 7 pm (PST) I am being interviewed live on
Kele Fleming’s MUSICAL MONDAYS Instagram show.
It is live and interactive.
The second most important fact is your face WILL NOT show up if you join the live show, to ask me questions, only your bio image appears.

Click here for simple instructions to join the show then go to Kele’s instagram page and ask Kathryn questions about:  Blue Dirt Girl’s music catalogue, upcoming album release, her subversive release tactics, recording process, lyrics.

Kele shares her creative hints, interviews other artists or people involved with her music career every Monday.

Be sure to check out Kele’s latest release~Atlas to Earth remix of her song ‘Vanishing of Bees’.

Stay tuned for Blue Dirt Girls upcoming Album Listening Time events in July, August and the Fall.

Oh, and the album~ No Street Signs  No Straight Lines will be up on Blue Dirt Girl’s Bandcamp page and/or your favourite streaming platforms by June 23rd.

At our lively Roundhouse show yesterday a fellow, who has been following Blue Dirt Girl’s blog since its inception in 2015,  wanted to discuss booking Albert and Kathryn to perform at his families backyard event. An added bonus along with people dancing to our new songs.

A reminder that Blue Dirt Girl is booking Album Listening Time events now. It’s an opportunity for the band to show off both the new No Street Signs No Straight Lines songs + classic songs from their catalogue.

The band can perform as a duo or with drummer Tony Lee or Baylie Adams, alto sax, sitting in for select shows.

Contact Kathryn here to discuss booking Blue Dirt Girl.

Take of yourself and each other.

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  • Louise Sutherland says:

    Sounds fantastic!
    You are out in the airwaves. Good for you. Love mum

    • Thanks Mom. Anyway I can share our music is wonderful. Kele Fleming’s show is a real help to indie musicians and she asks great questions! Appreciate note Mom. love Kathryn Ann (without an E)

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