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Blue Dirt Girl’s second album is out in May.
Title outing soon.
15 original modern soul singles.

ALT = Album Listening Time events are direct action against music biz rules with ongoing new album release events from April to the fall 2023.

HOSTS needed~
The band needs hosts for House Concerts|Shows in September,  October or November in either outdoor or breezy indoor settings.

“You do not need a stage to host a show just a basement, or a kitchen and a few chairs.” 
Side Door IG post 03.22.23

Side Door is a Canadian made, North American accessible, pro platform which streamlines the show process for artists & hosts.
Kathryn has used S.D. a number of times for successful shows &/or house concerts.
Happy host & attendee references on request.

Blue Dirt Girl past house concert/show locale’s include:

  • loading docks, wineries, in backyards, a kitchen, living rooms & a porch.

BDG would love to try out alley or truck tailgate show this fall!

Side Door platform for shows.
Blue Dirt Girl Side Door bio.

For Album Listening Time events Blue Dirt Girl can perform:

  • Amplified full band: Vocals, electric guitar, bass, drums & sax.
  • Amplified duo: Vocals, electric guitar & bass.
  • The band is experienced with keeping sound appropriate for space.
  • BDG has PA gear but need 6 channel mixing board rented.

“because i said i would”

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"because i said i would"