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Blue Dirt Girl was invited to be part of Octopus Music London, a UK based global label established by artists for the benefit of artists. By listening to OML Spotify playlists you are supporting unsigned indie musicians from around the world in every genre.

Blue Dirt Girl singles are on the following Octopus Music London playlists: Sirens and Storytellers, Funked in the Head, Midnight Sun, Swing-Late night Jazz, Technicolor-Modern Jazz and The Garden which updates daily with new OML artist single releases.

You can also support OCM artists by: watching our Youtube Playlist, subscribing to individual artists Youtube pages and leaving comments on their Youtube videos.


Why listen to Octopus Music London playlists?

Octopus Music London does not ask artists for any $ to be on their playlists.

Indie artists will get an average of 2 messages per week asking if they would like their music added to a playlist. The next message quotes Rates for musician to Pay to add their music to playlist.

It is a disheartening reality that pay for play/ payola has become the norm for indie music to get played on playlists, mainstream radio and some streaming platforms.

Recently Spotify, the most popular streaming platform, made changes to paying out artists for streaming. The changes are devastating for indie musicians. Read The Guardian article  explaining changes.

Yes, I realize I am talking out of both sides of my mouth by having our songs on Octopus Music London and my own Blue Dirt Girl Spotify channels. As an indie artist the only way for me to possibly recoup costs from studio recordings, pay other artists on albums and get paid for our work I have to use the Spotify. I do  recommend that followers use my Bandcamp page and Apple page to purchase my music because artists get the best returns for sales on these platforms.

If you listen daily and share playlists with friends then artists incomes go up.




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