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Indie artists will get an average of 2 messages per week asking if they would
like their music added to a playlist. The next message quotes rates for musician to add their music to playlist.  It is a disheartening reality that pay for play/ payola has become the norm for indie music to get played on playlists, mainstream radio and some streaming platforms.

Everytime you listen/stream an indie music playlist you are paying each musician .08 cents per play. If you listen daily and share playlists with friends then artists incomes go up. This is the reality for unsigned musicians and streaming.

Thankfully, Blue Dirt Girl was asked to add their music to both a Canadian and UK indie playlist. There was no money exchanged to be added.

Octopus London Music playlists are curated by UK based musician Dom Piper.
His lists are made up of indie music from around the world.

Whiskey Sippin Jazz and Blues playlist included DARK HEART, DREAMS & Kathryn’s former band Push3’s Words.

Sirens and Storytellers included HEY.

The Octopus Collective included SUNSET DADDY.


Canadian musician Ed Corrado’s playlist, “Rock, Canadian and catchy as hell”, included Sunset Daddy, I Don’t Mind & We Love you Tom.

Canadian indie musicians Eric Michael Jones,playlist, Canadian Rockers, included Sunset Daddy, I Don’t Mind & We Love you Tom.

Blue Dirt Girl’s playlist, The EH list, includes multiple BDG singles and other Canadian indie musicians.

So start streaming today and support Blue Dirt Girl’s music and find new indie music too.



All Blue Dirt Girl links for purchasing CD’s, downloading, streaming, playlisting or following/subscribing on social media can be found on this blog post.






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