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You can support Blue Dirt Girl music via the * list of links at the bottom of the page.

You can support Blue Dirt Girl and other unsigned indie artists via NAS.

NAS/New Artist Spotlight~ is a worldwide collective of indie musicians, of all genres, who with no money exchanged stream and support each other via  Apple and Spotify playlists, a Youtube Playlist & weekly Podcast Interviews, Song Reviews by Charles Connolly (Connolly’s Corner), Top 20 list and 10 Question posts and sharing each other on our social media pages.

Blue Dirt Girl joined NAS in 2020 and recently became a mentor for new indie artists on the platform.

So what? Why take the time to utilize NAS platforms? 

All the musicians on NAS are unsigned and accomplished musicians, in a range of genres, who actively work together to stream and share each others music. None of the artists are  paid properly for their work. The use of payola/pay for play is exacerbating the payment issues.

Billboard Magazine has focussed a number of articles on pay for play/Payola and the effects on unsigned indie musicians.

WHY INDIE ARTIST are a RARITY on RADIO: “IF You Don’t Pay, You Don’t Move Up.”or Who gets paid for a stream?

What’s NAS #StopPayola about?

In reaction to this article NAS started a #StopPayola campaign in November.
NAS founder Ed Eagle is reaching out to radio stations, worldwide who do not use payola practice, to both introduce and request that NAS artists indie music be considered for airplay/interviews/reviews.
It’s working see Blue Dirt Girl post.

NAS’s Daniel Tidwell hosts weekly online radio shows on HIVE Radio and Stationhead sharing NAS artists music. Listen and request songs.

Request Blue Dirt Girl or other indie music on Unsigned Radio show, Coop RadioCBC Vancouver shows. 
Contact Blue Dirt Girl with other radio stations to add to this list.

Join the revolution.

As with all acts of revolution the more people who join this hashtag campaign, listen to radio stations who don’t use payola practice, or Spotify, Apple (or your favourite streaming platform) or NAS playlists. Subscribe to musicians Youtube Channels, follow and/or subscribe to NAS indie artists on Instagram, Twitter or FB the more impact it will have.

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