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Dan, Albert and I had incredible 3 days tracking 5 miles out, STC and Text 1.
My songs have many layers. Dan’s wicked creative mind decides how and who
will replicate the feelings with, Park Sound Studios, crazy array of guitars, mics, synthesizers, keys, drums & percussion.

The next step in our studio recording process is Dan pulling all our tracks together and creating a mix of each song. Albert and I listen and request, if needed, any changes on where, when and how instruments, effects and vocals are placed in each song.

I usually have a flurry of emotions when I listen to the initial mixes of new songs.
Joy that brings me to tears and dread that the version may not get the true essence of each song.

That’s exhausting and life is short.
So, instead of muddying my joy I will see studio recordings as a moment in time.

*About sounds true.

(*This line is taken from booklet page.  I ripped out the page and wrote verbatim a conversation while on, one of the last, Greyhound bus trips in Saskatchewan.
Next blog post will explain.)

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