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First step, Dan Ponich, who worked with us on NOTHING IS AS IT WAS EP (2021)  agreed to go back to the recording studio as our recording engineer, co-producer and synth/keys/guitar player.
Also Dan will be playing the drum tracks and Baylie Adams will be adding her sax to our new recordings.
(Park Sound Studio)

Blue Dirt Girl had 25 songs ready to record: new songs as Blue Dirt Girl, our Via Rail tour hitsCOVID writing output and a couple of fresh songs.

Second step, I asked Dan to come to a live Blue Dirt Girl listening party and choose 10-12 songs that tweaked his interest for studio recording.

Third step, last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Albert, Dan and I met and started recording bed tracks for the first three original songs: 5 miles out, STC and Text one.

I subscribe to Daniel Lanois’ philosophy of creating in the recording studio:
“I am only interested in what I don’t know….stepping into the unknown…you can’t study it, no tuition will give it to you. It belongs to imagination, to heart…to bravado.
Luckily, Dan and Albert adhere to these ideas too so our days in the studio were amazing, in the moment, bits of magic.

You can watch my live Recording Studio IG reel posts here and see: the array of studio instruments Dan used, Albert’s super bass playing, my first 12 string guitar tracking moment and get a sense of how ideas are turned into music in the studio.


Next studio sessions set for end of November.  Stay tuned.

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