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Blue Dirt Girl little conversations single cover song release 2018

My brother has repeatedly suggested that I record & release cover songs with Blue Dirt Girl.
In 2018 I did just that.

I have loved Little Conversations lyrics/sound since its release in the 1989. Johnette Napolitano wrote Little Conversations and recorded/released it with her band Concrete Blonde.

Blue Dirt Girl’s single cover of LITTLE CONVERSATIONS came in at
#13 of 20 on the New Artist Spotlight TOP 20 this week.

Other fond memories of the Little Conversations release are:

Recording/co producing L.C. with Jason Overy, Blue Dirt Girl drummer, in his pro studio.

Vancouver artist, Erik Whittaker, agreeing to create the slick “live off the floor” video for Little Conversations. Watch video here.

(Full disclosure we were playing live but lip syncing/playing to the studio recording on Albert’s ghetto blaster.)


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