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I can still see Robbie Miller, drummer in our Hello(again) band, throwing out the lyric line “I need a pill and a drink and a dark place to think.” Lorraine Finch, Deb Copeland and I were looking for a third verse lead line for DARK HEART, and Robbie delivered.

Curiously enough Dark Heart & in particular Robbie’s lyric line has inspired:

Alberta based Fan/musician, Carol Tudor, did a cover version of Dark Heart at two AB Festivals with her ukulele and fiddle troupe.

“My niece shared your Dark Heart with me today. I fell in love with the swing of the song and especially the line “I need some pills and a drink and a dark place to think.”

Yesterday, Dom Piper, UK based musician, added Dark Heart to his Octopus Music London playlist on Spotify.

“What is it with you Canadians and great music! Loving ‘Dark Heart’ and have added to ‘The Signal’ playlist over on Octopus Music London. Now I need some pills and a drink and some dark place to think….”

Dark Heart keeps coming back even though Blue Dirt Girl recorded, a cover version, 7 years ago.

Listen to Dark Heart.

CRAZY BEAUTIFUL (2016) album here.

Dark Heart live off the floor Video here.

Recording Studio session Dark Heart stories here.

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