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Blue Dirt Girl duo with baylie adams on saxophone kathryn sutherland electric guitar pedals lead vocals april 2022 live show deb copeland pic

Thrown by unnecessary, unkind interaction last week.
Allowed conversation to throw me off kilter.
367th time I allowed noxious chatter to seep in.
Such a waste of precious time.

I recall how Baylie Adams and I crushed our unexpected all female lineup, live show on Wednesday night in Vancouver.
I am back up on my (creative) horse.
Reverend electric, vocals, wah, delay & tremolo pedals mixed with Baylie Adams saxophone finesse and positive vibe lit up the night.
(both my solo and co written songs with Albert Klassen/BDG bassist were the foundation of the fire)
(Baylie’s popping Mui Mui heels did not hurt either)

#no368thtime #fridaymorningwomenrock #donnathedancer


photo by Deb Copeland


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