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Live Music Mashup Video. 03.20.22.

By March 26, 2022April 8th, 2022No Comments
~Mike Jackson for helping the band beat the wall of rain last Sunday, move inside & play their first live show with Albert, Kathryn, and guest saxophonist Baylie Adams, since Covid began.
~Kiki Yee, Vancouver based artist, editor and photographer, for braving the rain and pasting up her commissioned
“Nothing is as it was” EP Sketches on the Jackson’s General Storefront Visual Art Project window.
Keep an eye out for more local artists pasting up their visual ideas over the coming months.
What do you think of Baylie, Albert and Kathryn as a trio?
You can see this new trio lineup~    June 11th at Blue Dirt Girl’s BACKYARD HOUSE CONCERT. Tickets on sale soon.
Other Vancouver bands are signing on to play the evening.
Secret East Van location revealed with ticket purchase.
Dancing will ensue.
Original Instagram live video by Baylie Adams.
Edited video by Kathryn Sutherland.
Masked man = Albert Klassen

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