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This is the last week of my Reshare “Nothing is as it was” EP Campaign.

Why did I do it?

My EP was scheduled for studio recording & the collaborator art was coming together when COVID hit.
All of the music and art deserved more light.

The final EP single, DREAMS, is a beautiful song with a vibe inspired by EmmyLou Harris Wrecking Ball album recorded/produced by Canadian Daniel Lanois.

With covid, hopefully, on the way out my Blue Dirt Girl is excited to be booking House Concerts and/or venue gigs now for Spring/Summer 2022.

Albert and I have been writing a lot of new material plus rehearsing with talented horn player Baylie Adams.

There are multiple BDG line up options for live shows: Kathryn/solo, duo with Albert and Kathryn, trio with Jason on drums or Baylie on horns and quartet.  (If Max Evans returns from University hope have him on lead guitar)

Contact Kathryn at to discuss live show bookings.


As always please consider downloading, sharing, playlisting, streaming my EP music or any of my music catalogue.
Subscribe to me on Youtube. Links are on the bottom of my HOME page.
Ask radio stations or reviewers to play/talk about my original music. Let venues know that Blue Dirt Girl is an option for live shows.

Finally follow or purchase collaborators art (Kiki’s sketches and Josh’s print/paintings in my STORE)


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