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blue dirt girl Sunset Daddy single image 2021 EP

Better late than never.

Monday I started my Reshare of Sunset Daddy.
The 3rd track off my 2021 EP release “Nothing is as it was”

Click here for my LinkTree page and find links to all the various spots to catch up with my Sunset Daddy posts and/or catch up on my Reshare posts for Blood & I Don’t Mind.

Sunset Daddy is an ode to my Dad so resharing was bittersweet.
I do love this song and I think Dad would have too.
I am so appreciative to all the people who said YES: Albert Klassen bass playing and lyric support, Jason Overy for his drum playing, Dan Ponich for listening to me, in our EP Studio Recording sessions, and creating this wonderful song,  Kiki Yee for the sketch, Josh Klassen for the time lapse painting reaction teaser video, my big brother Kent for drawing “memory” images of our Dad, my courage to pull out photos and mementos of my Dad and Veronica Wang for compiling it all and creating the full video.

Finally, the feedback from other artists, reviews, Youtube watching and platform streaming, for Sunset Daddy, that indicate the song is solid. Use these links to watch, listen, download and share my music.

Reviews  Youtube
Spotify   Apple Music  Tidal 

There are no rules with my Reshare campaign so keep your ear to the ground as I continue to share Sunset Daddy bits and then wrap it all up with my Reshare of Dreams.


stay safe. be kind.

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