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Blue Dirt Girl audio chat with Dan Ponich secrets of studio session recording BLOOD 2022

~Germany based musician DJ Sugar heard BLOOD, on SPOTIFY, and thought my vocals were the perfect fit for his upcoming 90’s House Music recording.

I am so excited to work on a House music style song. It’s not only a new vocal challenge but a style of music I loved dancing too.(a little while back)

DJ Sugar will send me his music track, I upload them on my Logic Pro home studio setup, record and send vocal tracks back to him in Germany.

~My EP RESHARE campaign started with some positive karma.
Track 1 BLOOD came up as #2 on the NAS Top 20 last week.

It’s an exceptional rank given that my fellow NAS musicians choose from over 300 NAS songs for the Top 20 plus the countdown is aired on HiveRadioUK.

~I shared a new audio clip of Dan Ponich, recording engineer/co producer/musician and I discussing secrets from our “Nothing is as it was” BLOOD studio recording sessions.
Dan is a remarkable listener, out of the box sound creator and wonder human to record with.

~My  I Don’t Mind track was added to the Indie Women playlist  on SPOTIFY!

The playlist was created by BadScullaniaz, a very talented Brazil based rock musician.
The tracks have either woman fronted or women in the band from NAS artists all over the world.

Give it a spin and support #unsigned #indiemusic.

~Keep your eyes on my posts for my Youtube Podcast interview with The Blindfold Experience where we discuss my EP from all angles.
Michael was sipping on wine in Sweden and I had my coffee in Vancouver. B.C during our informative and fun interview.
Premiering Monday, January 24th, on NAS Youtube and my socials.

~Finally, keep your ear to the ground for the continuation of my Reshare posts featuring EP track #2  –“I Don’t Mind” 

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