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Very proud to have my DREAMS in the #19 spot on NAS Top 20 music list this week.
Click here for the 20 songs from indie musicians all over the world. 

Huge thanks to talented musician/mom Liz James, lead singer for Brazil based rock band Bad Scullianz, for placing both DREAMS and I DON’T MIND songs on her Rock Finds- Spotify playlist. 
Stream the playlist and support all the indie artists!

I also encourage you to listen to Liz’s solo recordings on bandcamp.
I adore her distinct Alison Moyet vocal vibe.

I will be firing up 2022 with a reshare of my
“Nothing is as it was” EP singles and all the brilliant EP collaborative art that goes with the music.

Enjoy the holidays.
Find little delights ever day.
Be kind.




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  • Donna+Redlick says:

    How cool that ‘Dreams’ is in the 19th spot. It is such a great song. Congratulations on your success.

    • Thanks Donna appreciate the note. DREAMS has been on the TOP 20 NAS list about 4 x’s. It jumps around from #3 to #12…I am so glad people, from all different walks of life, music genres and ages, are connecting to my song.
      My Youtube video really grabbed a lot of attention as well.

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