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To me the word Dewalt has many meanings.

After my stubborn resistance, in 2016, Albert correctly convinced me to downsize from my VOX Tonelab large pedal to a smaller “most used” pedal array & case. He then offered to make a case and set up of said pedals.

Voila- my repurposed DEWALT case, used for power and hand tools, was now my personalized pedal board for shows.

I like to have fun naming my music gear.
One of Albert’s brothers name is Walt plus Albert created my new DEWALT case.
So my new pedal case was named “Brother of DeWalt Klassen Design.”

A confluence of 2 events led to this video.
While writing & rehearsing new COVID Home Studio Recordings, with Albert, over the last year and a half my WAH pedal broke, I started using my whammy bar & Tremolo and Delay pedals exclusively.

Albert again offered to update my pedal board.
Quite close after his brother Walt unexpectedly passed away.

So this video is a reflection on both those happenings. Watch Video here.

The video music is “558,000” an upcoming Covid Home Studio Recording new song release. (Klassen/Sutherland 2019)


stay safe.







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