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Very excited to be playing 2 live shows,  August 7th and 9th, & have lead guitarist Max Evans sitting in for both shows.

We will play 4 new EP songs, Covid Home Recordings and some classic songs from our 1st album Crazy Beautiful (2016)

AUGUST 7th – Plugged In Porch Series & Fundraiser for First Nations.                                                  click here for Event details.

AUGUST 9th – Blue Dirt Girl Duo with guest Max Evans.
click here for Event details and reservations. 
Small room so reserve early.

Max was Blue Dirt Girl’s mentee in 2019.     A chance jam by a campfire led to Max joining my Blue Dirt Girl Trio for rehearsals, his first 3  professional shows & studio tracking sessions on our “Nothing is as it was” 03.19.21 EP Release.
Reviews here.

Kathryn, Albert and Jason have mad music skills and Max dropped in like a pro.
Watch live videos with Blue Dirt Girl and Max. 

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