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“This is a hard video to let go. It’s funny but releasing the video was much more emotional, for me, than releasing the single on my EP “Nothing is as it was””
Sunset Daddy is an ode to Blue Dirt Girl/Kathryn Sutherland’s dad. Watch here.
“Letting the video go was much easier when my brother, Kent Sutherland, said YES and sent me his memory sketches of our dad and video creator Veronica Wang gently curated this beautiful collage of visuals to my lyrics and instrumentation.”

Veronica Wang-@madebyan_Kent Sutherland @sutherland_kent.
post image sketch- Kent Sutherland’s- “G-Car”

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  • Donna Redlick says:

    I saw enjoyed the Sunset Daddy Video. It is fun, whimsical, and meaningful.
    I heard the song in a whole new way!

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