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BlueDirtGirl new music 2021 singer songwriter yvr music sketches kiki yee

Excited to show off the commissioned cover and singles art for Blue Dirt Girl’s latest music release
“Nothing is as it was” EP. (03.19.21) 

Local artist/editor/photographer, Kiki Yee, created 4 brilliant singles images, with no direction from me, by listening to each song and drawing her response. Available for purchase now in my STORE.

The cover art is a leap for leader of the band, Kathryn Sutherland, with her image front and center.

The cover art image resulted after ongoing discussions and nudging from the Friday Morning Women Artists group.
The group has been meeting every Friday morning for the last 8 + years.
The groups reason for being is to support, coax, assist each other with their ongoing art practices in: music writing & recording, multi disciplinary productions, poetry, writing, editing, photographer and visual art whilst also living a rich connected, complex life with our children, partners, first families and community. Oh and paid work too!

Thanks for your ongoing support and please download, stream, playlist and share our latest music release
EP “NOTHING IS AS IT WAS” via my Store or Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal.


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