oh studio interview Grace Lee

January 2021.
Grace Lee interviews artists around COVID’s effect on their art practices and posts them on her OH STUDIO instagram IGTV page.
Grace is a unique, warm person, a multi-talented Vancouver based ceramicist, artist and business woman.
Kathryn had a wonderful time playing EP single, Dreams, live and chatting with Grace.
CLICK here to watch GRACE LEE’s OH STUDIO Blue Dirt Girl IGTV interview Jan13.2021.
Both Kathryn and Grace share a passion for bringing the artistic community together through events and/or talks. The 2 women are meeting soon and hope to do some future collaborations.

Stay tuned for details on EP:
-teasers like these single song videos (created by 4 young Canadian artists, posts and sound clip for EP single I Don’t Mind.
-Video collaborations posts with Courtenay based artist, Josh Klassen’s.
-Front cover and single image releases
-Release of “NOTHING AS IT WAS” EP with Kathryn, Albert, Jason and guest lead guitarist Max Evans.
-Hybrid Celebration Event.

How did Kathryn meet Grace? August 2020.

One of Kathryn’s Friday Morning Women’s Artist members, Kiki , introduced Grace Lee’s, ceramic Darumas to the group.
Intrigued, Kathryn masked up and immediately went down to purchase 3 or 4 Darumas at Grace’s East Van Studio.
Grace and her colleague were eating delicious smelling food, the ceramic studio was filled with beautiful creations and a conversation ensued. As Kathryn left the studio the 2 women had agreed on the following:
-Kathryn performing live solo music at Grace’s, covid safe, Christmas Studio sale. (live music was cancelled because of heightened COVID restrictions)
– Grace and Kathryn would collaborate on a hybrid EP|CERAMIC |INTERVIEWS|FOOD Online Event (February|March 2021.)

This EP is a sharp left turn for Blue Dirt Girls sound.
“80’s dance music meets Emmylou Harris at a reggae bar for cocktails.”kind of vibe.

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