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saskatchewan photo grasshopper on window kathryn Blue Dirt Girl Summer solstice post 2020

This is my third and final process video for “Summer Solstice.”
Click here to watch “Summer Solstice” Videos.
S.S. is Albert and Kathryn’s 2nd COVID Home Studio recording.
Albert, once again as with With Nature and I, emailed his bass idea to Kathryn.
Multiple recordings and lyric ideas went back and forth between Kathryn and Albert as the song developed.
Kathryn is teaching herself how to record using Logic Pro X, her Mackie Board and new Rode NT 1-A mic. Albert is doing the same with his home studio set up on Atlantic.
Let’s be clear this is still a rough version of “Summer Solstice.”
The final versions of all K and A’s COVID Home Recordings will be released, in a unique fashion, Spring/Sum2021.

But first is the long awaited release of Blue Dirt Girl’s
EP “Nothing is as it was.” Absolutely happening in February 2021.

Click here to watch our “With Nature and I”, COVID home recording #1 development videos, EP teasers and all Kathryn’s videos for the band.
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photo by Kathryn near Davidson, Saskatchewan, 2016.

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