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I let my “to do list” go to make my first Trailer: “Blue Dirt Girl Goes Ham”.

Featuring live audio of our song “The Bad News”  from *Blue Dirt Girl Productions: Little Conversation.
**My multidisciplinary show at The Cultch Theatre 04.06.2018. 

Click here to view Trailer.

Alas, once I looked for audio of Blue Dirt Girl “going ham” a second Trailer was a must. Trailer #2 showcases our song Burning Branches.
The live audio performance was from The Denman Island Guest House on our Crazy Beautiful  Vancouver Island Tour 2016.

Click here to view my second Trailer.

You can purchase “The Bad News”, ” The Bad News Remix” featuring Reed Sutherland-Corrigan’s original beats, and “Burning Branches” on my STORE or your favourite streaming platform.

**The LC show featured: Blue Dirt Girl Trio, *Sophie Yendoles Thinking Ship poetry, Moira Chicilo special guest vocalist and ukulele player live on stage.  Linda S. Sob Stories Podcast recordings in real time in the Founders Lounge and Kiki Yee’s original graphics, event press release write up and overall support along.

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