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While I await arrival of videos and put finishing touches on the roll out of my EP “Nothing is as it was” consider catching up on some of my creative work during COVID.

teaser for for “I Don’t Mind” recorded in my COVID home studio.
(1 of 4 original songs on upcoming EP)

-another teaser for “I Don’t Mind”

Raspberry Session video

-a video clip of Calla Pickett singing, with Kathryn on guitar, her original song “Frogs in Suburbia” in preparation for my Play Music on the Porch Day show and Fundraiser for Rain City Housing.

*Click, look and consider purchasing Vancouver based photographer Kiki Yee’s gorgeous cards with original photos and/or sketches. Contact Kiki via her Instagram page to order.

clip of Kathryn singing her acoustic cover of  Lauryn Hill’s song “I used to love him.

-while waiting for my EP release consider visiting my web Store Music page.  Give me the Bad News Remix featuring Reed Sutherland Corrigan’s beats, Shed a Tear or Desire four of 15 studio recorded BDG songs.
Blue Dirt Girl music also available on your favourite streaming platform.

Blue Dirt Girl solo, duo or trio are available for safe distancing live shows or online show bookings.

Take care. Stay Safe.

photo by Kiki Yee Vancouver based photographer.

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