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Last day EP recording.

By August 25, 2020October 1st, 2022No Comments

9 am. Tuesday August 11th, 2020. Last day for EP track recording at Park Sound Studio.

Albert came in to lay down his back up vocals on DREAMS. So happy to, once again, have a manly angel on a recording.( Blog posts Crazy Beautiful Manly angel tracking.

Dan and I spent time confirming my overall concept for the EP.  I wanted sonic ideas that repeated in all 4 songs, one song ending and then similar sound ushers in next song and Dan’s signature genius with sound throughout the EP.

Dan has generously agreed to share his knowledge and the professionals hired for his latest music project LA Solution Center.

I am checking in with my four EP video creators, Kent Sutherland, Maya Chepovetsky, August Kirste-Yee and Ana Brinkerhoff, seeing creative progress and sharing opening and closing credits for each video.
Almost have the title of the EP decided.
Hoping that a talented east van based photographer | editor | sketch artist | layout editor | fabulous mom | wonderful friend will find an image for the EP.

Stay posted here on my Blue Dirt Girl BLOG, Instagram or Twitter posts for the pre release teasers and real release of my EP.

“because I said I would”

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"because i said i would"