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Day 1. Park Sound Studio. North Vancouver, B.C.

COVID 19 had postponed start of my May EP recording. Once it was safe recording began with Dan Ponitch on the board at Park Sound Studios.

My favourite drummer Jason Overy arrived to lay down his bed tracks on the four EP songs: DREAMS, BLOOD, I DON’T MIND and SUNSET DADDY.
He decided to try switching from his usual reggae beat, on Blood, to hip hop drum style.
I love the conga and Jason delivered fabulous tracks on DREAMS.
As usual Jason slapped those tubs and made them sound divine.

Albert arrived on his bike, after a very hot ride over 2nd narrows bridge, with his bass strapped to his back raring to go.
He recorded his usual brilliant bass tracks on the 4 songs.
Albert and I had done scratch tracks, in our home studios, for Dan so Albert was on the money with tempo and feel for his parts.

Prior to recording Dan and I discussed and agreed on bands we loved like: Gorillaz, Spoon, The XX and Radiohead.
All those bands share unique use of pads of sounds on their recordings. So naturally Dan and I spent hours working on pads of sounds for the my EP songs.
Dan took snippets he played on his lap steel and fender guitars, percussive shakers and tambourine and augmented them using Ableton Live Novation Grid and the coolest sound app where tracks are put through a bank of sewing sounds: needles pulled through fabric, velcro ripping apart, sewing machine pedal and more.

9 pm and Day 1 is a wrap.

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“because i said i would”

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"because i said i would"