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Here is the *3rd video about our Covid style creation of  “With Nature and I.”
Click here to watch and listen.

4. Recorded the heavy tremolo reverend guitar part and played with verse lyrics until they were just right.
Novice home studio recording continues with this audio clip.
Created the video using old picture of myself from June 1969.

3. Out for a walk with dear friend from forever ago on beach.
Covid style.
Our words slept.
Next day wrote two verses for “With Nature and I.”

2. Found and watched “The Mushroom Hunters” video.
Neil Gaiman’s poem, read by Amanda Palmer with animation by Caroline Rudge.
Words hit me.
I wrote the Chorus for “With Nature and I.” *May 22nd Video.

1. *May 12th video. Albert emailed a Stand up bass track idea.
I set up my home studio and sent a 3 part guitar reply.

“because i said i would”

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"because i said i would"