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Blue Dirt Girl deb copeland sketch post may 2020

This is a follow up to my May 12th post.

Blog title is a quote from Neil Gaiman’s poem”The Mushroom Hunters.” 

Yesterday I had a beach talk, Covid style, with my dearest friend Donna hashing through how humans treat each other.

Our words slept.
Then I wrote these two verses for “With Nature and I”.

“There she said it. I’m not the only one. Heard it hundred times before.
This time it sticks.
The laughing slights. No longer matter. They slide away.
Cause..this time it sticks.” 

“His words confirm. Unending lessons. Waves, trees, birds and hills.
I’ve known deep down.
Ok. Agreed.
It’s a manufactured race.
Slowly walk and observe.
I’ve known deep down.”

With Nature and I”  all started when Albert sent me the most beautiful dreamy stand up bass line.

I watched The Mushroom Hunter video, saw Caroline Rudge’s animation, heard Neil’s words
“Women.. spotted landmarks and made paths between them.”

The words hit me I wrote this chorus:

“I heard the words. Snapped into my mind. Did she raise her voice.
The how the why I do what I do.
The mark was passed down.
No street signs.
No straight lines for me.”   

“because i said i would”

Click and View all my Youtube videos for  “With Nature and I.”
Blog image is Sketch by Deb Copeland.



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"because i said i would"